Muscat Pharmacy & Stores LLC
Vision & Mission

To be the leader in our sphere of activity, and become the trusted name to our customers by providing world class products and services.

We are committed to

  • To enhance the standard of health and healthcare of the people and thus create wealth;
  •  Serve our Principals and Customers to the best of our ability, by continually improving the quality and value of our services;
  • Achieve higher levels of productivity and profitability through the use of modern technology and highly motivated workforce;
  • Enter into new markets and being innovative in developing new services,
  • Deliver the highest level of satisfaction to our customers and stakeholders; and
  • Continue on an unending quest for Quality in all our business processes.

Report an Adverse Event

An adverse drug reaction (ADR)/Side Effect or adverse event is an unwanted or harmful reaction experienced following the administration of a drug or combination of drugs under normal conditions of use and is either suspected to be related to the drug or irrespective of whether the drug is suspected to be the cause.