Muscat Pharmacy & Stores LLC

Muscat Pharmacy has dedicated teams of pharmacists and other qualified staff in their purchase department which assess the requirement of pharmaceutical, consumer and surgical products and purchase these products from approved suppliers. Most of the products are imported from overseas suppliers from Europe, USA, Middle east and Asia.

Pharmaceutical suppliers are registered with Ministry of health. Pharmaceutical products are imported in temperature controlled conditions with data loggers which guaranties that their quality and specifications are maintained. Qualified staff process online import permits for import of narcotic, psychotropic and controlled drugs.

Data analysis in terms of past sales history, future sales forecast seasonal variations, marketing strategy, specific customer needs and lead time to supply is done, to do demand planning and determine the quantities to be purchased and stocked. We make sure that there is always sufficient stocks on the shelves and in our warehouses to ensure that the patients and customers get their requirement on time and in continuous manner.

With the current trend of mergers and acquisitions there are many changes in the regulatory and supply parameters. Regular monitoring of low stock levels, constant follow up for supply of our purchase orders, maintaining excellent relationship with our suppliers, quick customs clearance from port and MOH, where applicable, has been our strength to ensure continued availability of products.