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Health Care

Health care is the maintenance or improvement of health via the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of disease, illness, injury, and other physical and mental impairments in human beings. Health is not only just about avoiding disease. It is also about physical, mental and social wellbeing. Diet is the key to getting the best vitamins and minerals. Supplements can help you, if you’re doing your best to eat healthy foods but still are deficient in some areas. The key is to ensure they’re taken in addition to healthy diet choices and nutrient-dense foods. They’re supplements, not replacements. Only use supplements if your healthcare professional has recommended them. Environmental hygiene is important for the prevention of transmission of infectious diseases within healthcare settings. Environmental hygiene encompasses effective cleaning of surfaces using appropriate products, decontamination of medical equipment and devices used in patient-care procedures, safe and appropriate handling of sharps, blood and body fluid spills, waste and linen.

Tips for your better health care

  • Replace saturated with unsaturated fat

Fats are important for good health and proper functioning of the body. However, too much of it can negatively affect our weight and cardiovascular health. Different kinds of fats have different health effects, and some of these tips could helps you to keep the balance right:
-Limit the consumption of total and saturated fats and completely avoid trans fats.
-Eating fish 2-3 times a week, with at least one serving of oily fish, will contribute to our right intake of unsaturated fats.
-When cooking, boils, steam or bake, rather than frying, remove the fatty part of meat, use vegetable oils.

  • Enjoy plenty of fruits and vegetables

Fruits and vegetables are among the most important foods for giving us enough vitamins, minerals and fiber. Try to eat at least 5 servings a day.

  • Reduce salt and sugar intake

A high salt intake can result in high blood pressure, and increase the risk of cardiovascular disease. There are different ways to reduce salt in the diet:
-When shopping, choose products with lower sodium content.
-When cooking, salt can be substituted with spices, increasing the variety of flavours and tastes.
-When eating, it helps not to have salt at the table, or at least not to add salt before tasting.

  • Eat regularly, control the portion size

Eating a variety of foods, regularly, and in the right amounts is the best formula for a healthy diet. Skipping meals, especially breakfast, can lead to out-of-control hunger, often resulting in helpless overeating. Snacking between meals can help control hunger, but snacking should not replace proper meals. For snacks, we could choose yoghurt, a handful of fresh or dried fruits or vegetables (like carrot sticks), unsalted nuts.

  • Drink plenty of fluids

Around 60 percent of the body is made up of water and blood contains more than 90 percent water. Blood carries oxygen to different parts of the body. Adults need to drink at least 2 litres of fluid a day or more. Water helps to lubricate the joints, regulates body temperature, maintain blood pressure, prevent from kidney stones, weight loss etc.

  • Maintain a healthy body weight

The right weight for each us depends on factors like our gender, height, age, and genes. Being overweight increases the risks of a wide range of diseases, including diabetes, heart diseases, and cancer. Excess body fat comes from eating more than we need. The extra calories can come from any caloric nutrient – protein, fat, carbohydrate or alcohol, but fat is the most concentrated source of energy.

Physical activity is important for people of all weight ranges and health conditions. It helps us burn off the extra calories, it is good for the heart and circulatory system, it maintains or increases our muscle mass, it helps us focus, and improves overall health well-being. Physical activity can easily become part of our daily routine. We all could:
– use the stairs instead of the elevator,
– go for a walk during lunch breaks (and stretch in the offices in between)
– make time for a family weekend activity

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