Muscat Pharmacy & Stores LLC
Information Technology

Information Technology at Muscat Pharmacy plays a vital role for running the business efficiently and effectively. We implemented IT systems in early eighties. This helped us in streamlining the business processes and enhancing operations at early stages.

We always take the best of emerging technologies. Our state-of-the-art Data Center is now powered by high end servers and works on Oracle & .Net platforms.

Our IT infrastructure network ensures smooth communication over various channels between the Central Systems at Head Office, Retail Outlets, Depots and Warehouses across the country.

This helped us in leading the market by serving the community with easy availability and quick information on various life saving medicines.

Report an Adverse Event

An adverse drug reaction (ADR)/Side Effect or adverse event is an unwanted or harmful reaction experienced following the administration of a drug or combination of drugs under normal conditions of use and is either suspected to be related to the drug or irrespective of whether the drug is suspected to be the cause.