Muscat Pharmacy & Stores LLC
More than 200 Suppliers

Muscat Pharmacy offers a range of highly diverse products to our customers and patients that include Pharmaceuticals, Dermaceuticals, Veterinary, Surgical products and Equipment,  Hospital supplies, Laboratory chemicals, Baby products, Health items and Consumer goods as well as Perfumes and Cosmetics etc.

The brands we offer are sourced from over 200 Suppliers that are known for their high quality standards. Muscat Pharmacy remains Oman’s largest distributor of pharmaceutical and healthcare products from brand leaders worldwide.

Some of the major international Suppliers that we represent are:

Report an Adverse Event

An adverse drug reaction (ADR)/Side Effect or adverse event is an unwanted or harmful reaction experienced following the administration of a drug or combination of drugs under normal conditions of use and is either suspected to be related to the drug or irrespective of whether the drug is suspected to be the cause.