Muscat Pharmacy & Stores LLC
Warehousing & Supply chain

An ideal partner connecting renowned suppliers to the people of Oman by importing, storing & delivering products across Oman through well established warehousing & transport systems.

With a total of 14,000+ sqm of GDP compliant storage facilities comprised of more than 8 warehouses that cater to the increasing market demands for stock, these facilities distributed across Oman are complimented by our transport systems comprised of 120+ owned fleet of commercial vehicles to deliver and meet our customers’ demands.

We ensures that products reach our customers as expected by complying with the latest storage and transport regulations as per local laws, Industry standards and supplier requirements.  Pharmaceuticals, being chemical compounds, tend to decay and deteriorate on exposure to excessive heat. It is therefore necessary that medicines and medical products are always stored and transported in controlled temperature conditions. The efficacy of medicines and medical products depends to a large extent on the manner in which these are handled in the supply chain till delivery to patients. Muscat Pharmacy realizes the importance of maintaining the quality of products and strictly follows the guidelines set in all aspects of receiving goods, storage, transportation, and delivery.